Thinking About Becoming A Real Estate Agent???

      To become a licensed REALTOR and a real estate agent is a challenging and rewarding

career.   Most people think about the opportunities for making a great income.  But before you

focus too much on the money focus on providing excellent  service to your clients   The money

will follow if you offer your clients the type of service that will help them to accomplish their real 

estate goals.  

        Prior to getting a real estate license one has to take and pass  a Pre-Licensing Course on

real estate laws, regulations, contracts and more.  Lots of information but you can successfully

pass the course as long as you study and apply yourself.  The course can be completed in a

minimum of 30 days online, 6-8 weeks in the classroom or a semester

if taken on the college level..  More info to follow , , , , , , , ,